Our Mission

There’s a variety of personal training options to fit your fitness goals, budget and busy schedule. Whether you are looking for some simple guidance in structuring a solid fitness routine, or looking to dive in with a completely customized program based on your fitness goals, a personal trainer will help you obtain the results you want.

developing your personalized program

Not sure where to start, book an initial consultation/evaluation.  Leslie will assess your current fitness level by talking to each client about their unique considerations, while taking a clinical approach (forms) testing areas such as your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, body composition and basal metabolic rate, and blood pressure. You will receive an analysis of your assessment along with workout guidelines based on your results. All personal training will begin with this initial consultation/evaluation session.


One-on-One Training

Attention to detail is uncompromised in our solo training where Leslie will guide you step by step in proper form, technique, and personalized coaching.  These sessions are personally designed and tailored to your fitness level, unique goals, and modified easily to work through, on or around any health ailments or conditions.  These private sessions are conveniently scheduled based upon your schedule and trainer availability.

Partner/Small Group Training

The partner and small group training sessions are limited to ensure you get the personal attention you deserve, which makes it a tremendous value.  Perfect for those on a budget who need the push, guidance, and results that only personal training can provide.  Ultimate results are achieved through these systematic workouts that engage every muscle to achieve your goals.  Plus, the buddy system has always worked!

Class Memberships

Join a class and benefit from regular exercise!